Update History | Feature Release List

It was only a test, and it has a real use case too!

Feature List

  1. The wallet home will list all your tokens without the need to add them manually like in Trustwallet and Metamask;
    -Will also see the prices of new tokens;

3. Mobile friendly, and has small mini charts for all your tokens, without even needing to open them;

4. On the home page you can add your favorites or hide the ones you don’t want to see;

5 | Price Alerts

We send an email so you can receive it on the phone, when you are at work, when you are gaming.. it’s pretty convenient. You can set price alerts by percentage increase or decrease or by absolute price, it’s up to you;

6 | Trending Tokens

Those are the ones interesting for the users of Fools Tools. We track unique visitors so they can’t just keep refreshing the page to increase their position like they do in other sites;

7. The price shown in the wallet is different than the one you see in poocoin, because we check the actual sell price. (Including slippage) Many people at the beginning complained then they realized that if they tried to sell their tokens in Pancakeswap our price is generally more accurate than the other websites;

8. Track other people’s wallets directly from the home, and see how they do;

9 | Token Pages Comments

This is important because if a token is a scam, users can warn the others. we use Telegram login so you can be recognized with your same account you use in Telegram, and with just one click you’ll have the same name and avatar;

10. Token pages have latest transactions and live charts. our charts are a bit simplified compared to poocoin, because we’re trying to make simple things accessible by the majority of people. you can press the settings wheel to change and see the daily or hourly chart, which will display a much longer history. with the daily you can easily see all the life of a token from creation to now. You can also switch and see the token vs BNB, instead of dollar. The chart changes because also the BNB value changed over time;

11. Track any wallets buy/sell history. This feature is FREE here, in all other websites this is pro or paid.
When you click on a wallet in the latest transactions (the link with the small yellow label, in the last column of each recent transaction), foolstools will show you on the chart when that person bought and sold.. it’s very interesting both for analysis and for fun. then you can send the url of the page to anyone if you want to embarss a friend or do an analysis on a suspec wallet. also you can easily see the average price that person bought and sold and how much profit they did on that token;

12 | Swap

You can do it directly from the home page or from every token page. it will check the prices of several exchanges not only Pancakeswap, to find the best price for you. It’s easy to actually save money with this, we wanted to make it as convenient as possible. Also a small but interesting detail: in the token page you have 2 different buttons to sell and buy.. makes it easier with less clicks.

13 | Tradealizer

Still work in progress but it’s actually interesting to see how well (or bad) you did with your investments. this is meant to be helpful because it only analyzes closed trades, that is the thing that matters for tax reasons. it takes a while to load because it has to go through all your transaction history.

These are the things that we already have TODAY.
The roadmap is being very quickly developed.

We have a support chat that users can visit if they have issues or requests, and the ideas/bug/suggestion board that we are reading regularly. we have always been super responsive with user requests and inputs.
you can see the suggestions board by clicking the yellow link in the bottom of every page.
The product is always under active — and FAST- development, so there could be bugs or inaccuracies but we always fix them promptly.



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